" Dad in his fishing hat"  by Leigh Meredith


- Born in Pittsburgh PA; Mother was Helen Campe Meredith,,a noted local artist

- Education: 
    - B. A. 
Princeton University, Art and Achaeology;
    - Graduate studies, Hellenic Institute, Athens, Greece

    - MBA Stanford GSB

- Career
      - Adman:  25 years in ad agency business, SVP Ogilvy and Mather, Hal Riney,                  Ketchum, and others
      - Author: Co-author of two books, author of numerous published magazine articles;          noted keynote speaker
      - Entrepreneur: CMO of  several tech startups; Founder and CEO: Lifestage  Matrix          Marketing  (strategic planning and advertising consultancy)
      - Artist 

- I
nterests: Fly fishing, chess; jazz, travel

Geoff also served five years as Commissioner of the Contra Costa County Arts
and Culture Commission. 
Currently Board member, Valley At Gallery


Artist's Statement

I currently work in two distinctly different styles. One style, which  It can be characterized n as “Mid-century modern,” is a 21st Century reinterpretation of late period works of  Richard Diebenkorn.  Mostly landscapes, these  paintings are grounded in representation, then abstracted to distill form and color. Sometimes a painting will stay pretty representational; other times it will end up much more abstract. At some point in the process the painting takes over, and it goes where it wants to go.


The other style uses as a touchstone the Abstract Expression paintings of the 1950’s and ‘60s mainly in New York. Larger non-objective abstract and gestural,  these are [aomtomngs that strive to be graphic archetypes that can communicate across time and culture. Geoff’s interest in this format stems from his Princeton thesis on the nature of the creative process, and his correspondence with Joan Miro and meetings and correspondence with Salvador Dali that were input to that thesis.


Both styles are also meant to be pleasing in terms of subject and form and color, a goal that is by no means universal in the contemporary art scene.